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Kitchen renovations in Hamilton rerenrovations in Burlington

Make the most valued room the most valuable.

It’s not only the most common renovation we perform, the kitchen renovation typically also offers a return on investment of 130% in resale for the average reno*. It’s clearly a room that’s highly valued, by both homeowners and homebuyers!

Perhaps you’re thinking of renovating your own kitchen because of outdated cabinetry or insufficient size. Or maybe it’s a layout that has never worked right for you. Creating the perfect new area for you and your family is not only achieved with solid craftsmanship and high quality materials. The success of your new kitchen will also depend on good planning.

3MDS Contractors has the building expertise from years of experience, but we also take the time needed to plan your kitchen properly. We ask questions to discover your current and future needs, your desired lifestyle and your entertaining preferences. In collaboration with you, we plan your perfect kitchen design and layout. Carefully walking our clients through this process encourages everyone to think through the myriad of decisions before we get into the work. This relieves a lot of stress and makes for a very enjoyable phase in the project.

A new kitchen with all the right ingredients

Looking to introduce an island into your kitchen space? If you’re increasing the size of your kitchen, it’s a feature that will instantly add a casual feel, and a distinctive beauty. Functionally, the island keeps people close at hand, giving guests a place to sit and talk, while keeping your work area open and unobstructed by traffic. It can also function as a work prep area (especially with a small sink included) and a very efficient place to store/hide cooking bowls, pots and pans, or dinnerware.

For countertops, granite is always a popular option. Without a doubt, granite is a beautiful look and has a high-end reputation to match, but it’s not always the most practical option. We often favour Quartz, a material with an equally luxurious finish, similar in price, and yet has a finer surface that prevents bacteria growth which the more porous granite is prone to.

Have you considered how your kitchen will be lit? Kitchens of any size always benefit from both general lighting and focused, task lighting. Task lighting is easily hidden, on cabinet undersides for example, and highlights work areas to prevent eye strain and make work easier. A well-lit kitchen emphasizes the features and beautiful finishes.

Pro Planning Tip:

Collect pictures of the designs you love, both to show to your designer, and to help think through what you hope to get out of your new kitchen. Are you looking for more space (for movement and working) or more functionality (storage), or both? This will help ensure the end design and layout is perfect for you and your family.

There are many things to consider in a kitchen renovation – from flooring to fixtures to electrical to plumbing. It’s invariably the reno involving the most decisions. Artisan, will help you through the process with a minimum of stress and disruption. With good planning, you’ll end up with a kitchen that is smart and beautiful – and the perfect fit for your everyday life and all your entertaining needs.

We invite you to look through our kitchens photo gallery where you'll see samples of our work and maybe get some inspiration for your own space.

* According to the Appraisal Institute of Canada, kitchen renovations are guaranteed a return of 75 to 100 percent on your investment when you sell your house.

Some kitchen ideas

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