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Rented and Tankless Water Heaters

Renting water heaters is the BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY in your home.  Most people don’t realize this, they move into their new home with a rented water heater and assume they have to keep it.  CALL YOUR RENTAL COMPANY ASK THEM TO REMOVE THEIR GARBAGE.  A small water heater costs at the low end $10 – $15 / month to rent.  A new water heater at the high end, $500 – $800.  Lets say about 4 years of rental charges, for a large one.  I have seen rental water heaters in homes that were 15 years old and one that had been recently decommissioned that was 25 years old.  The efficiency of these, never having been cleaned, the scale on the elements, would be at best 15% less efficient than a new one.  Don’t get me started on the warranty work rental companies provide if something goes wrong.  Yes some tanks do leak / explode, but floor drains.  Don’t leave home without one.

A bigger issue is the demand for hot water.  2 showers at the same time as you / spouse and the kids are getting ready for work and school.  When someone tells me they want to install a corner Jacuzzi tub I immediately go and see the less than adequate water heater they have.  Every single person.  Ill discuss the furnaces Ive seen on another blog.  Some of these are older than me.

Think of a hot water tank like a big can, pouring out water from the can but having cold water immediately filling the can, now the temperature of the can water is lower. The hot water temperature in the entire home is now lower.  Cant have as hot a shower until that can is heated up.  This doesn’t even address scale and build up on the elements resulting in its decreased efficiency over time but this can be parlayed into my opinions, best solution.

I removed all the copper in my home outside of the actual fixture hookup.  Check out our website, a PEX manifold with independent water supply to every fixture.  The manifold is a 1 inch diameter by 12 inches long copper tube with nipples welded to it across its entire length.  Each nipple supplies water to its fixture; shower, sink, toilet and thus, if one is drawing water, the tube is being replenished by natural water pressure, having a steady constant supply of hot or cold water.

Someone is now having a shower, the tube of hot water is constantly being filled with the same steady stream of hot water.  This cant be accomplished with a traditional water heater.  Tank less water heaters, that’s all I can say.  I have one in my home and tell everyone its the only way to go. Always having as much hot water as our entire home needs, at any time of day.  When you have multiple persons living in your home all wanting hot water at the same time, enough said.ere.

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